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About Carfulan Group

The Carfulan Group is a family-owned business made up of a team of engineering experts based near Derby.

With four companies under our stewardship and exclusive access to some of the best technology in the marketplace, the Carfulan Group today provides bespoke manufacturing solutions across a multitude of industries.

Across four divisions we specialise in providing advanced complementary manufacturing technology solutions and our clients include world-leading companies in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and oil and gas.

You can find out about OGP UKSYS SystemsZOLLER UK & VICIVISION UK in the Services section.

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Proud To Be Supporting Midlands Manufacturing

The Midlands has a strong reputation for manufacturing and we are extremely proud to be playing our part.

As the technologies we provide continue to shape modern society, the benefits are being felt across almost every facet of our lives. They are the reason hospital patients are getting better surgical outcomes. They are drastically improving the way people travel. They are even fuelling some of the most important scientific breakthroughs of our time. For multi-national corporations and independent engineering houses alike, we deliver innovation with passion – and that makes us proud each and every day.

Since the Carfulan Group’s inception, we have been committed to supporting the local economy through continued growth and by investing in the skills of the community. We have a highly skilled, fulfilled, loyal and field-leading workforce who help to maintain extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.

We are also determined to share our knowledge through our successful apprenticeship scheme as we continue to craft and nurture the next generation of highly talented engineers. Our future business plan commits us to identifying other technologies that would further enhance our offering, setting out a clear and sustainable pathway for prosperity and job creation.

Carfulan Group

SYS Bureau

We offer professional, high-quality and affordable 3D printing services using the very latest in Stratasys 3D printing technology. From rapid prototyping to medical modeling and manufacturing, our 3D printers use revolutionary FDM and PolyJet technology to make whatever you need, quickly and efficiently.

OGP/VICI Subcontract Measurement

Professional precision measurement for precise parts, completed by our team of expert metrology engineers utilising the impressive suite of market leading equipment from OGP and VICIVISION.

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Services Carfulan Group Provide



is the global market leader in high-tech multi-sensor measurement machines capable of collecting instant and highly accurate data about manufactured components, leading to production efficiencies, reduced scrap and faster throughput.

SYS Systems

UK platinum partner for Stratasys 3D-printing equipment & software. Supplying, installing and supporting the full Stratasys range, working with illustrious product designers and manufacturers to help them create lifelike prototypes and end-use parts.


Supplying tool pre-setting and analysis equipment, to help ensure tools that are of the right standard to create accurate and conforming parts prior to machining.


Increasing production efficiency by supplying high-performance optical measuring machines for cylindrical parts such as shafts, valves and screws, performing automated data collection through a combination of advanced hardware and intuitive software.

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Tel: 01283 585933

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